Introduction to Celebrity Portfolio Website

Features to Add to Individual Portfolio Items

If there’s one thing you can take away from this article, it’s that your portfolio isn’t the only thing that should be featured on your website. It is, however, important, so let’s go over a few of the things you should add to individual portfolio items (i.e., the individual pages you dedicate to individual projects/jobs you’ve worked on):

  • More High-Quality Images – Your best image from a project should represent it in your portfolio, but you should also add more high-quality images to its individual page.
  • Overview – Write a brief description of the project, specifically the task you were assigned, how you accomplished it and what the result was.
  • More Information – Once you have a brief description completed, add more information for those who may be interested. It’s especially important for you to discuss any obstacles you faced while completing the project and how you overcame them. If you learned new information while completing the project, be sure to include that as well.
  • Testimonial – This ties into the point I made about featuring testimonials on the homepage. Your best testimonials should be saved for the homepage, but you can feature every testimonial you receive on the project’s individual page.

Let’s wrap this article up.

Final Thoughts

The way you present yourself and your work on your portfolio site can have a huge impact on your ability to acquire work. We hope this article not only helped you decide what to put on your website but also how to showcase it. Just remember that minimalism is the key to effective web design. Be sure that every little detail you add has a real purpose.

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